How to get a Croatian visa (if you need one ..)

I am getting pretty bored waiting for my connecting flight at DFW and thought I might put my time to good use by writing about my experience of getting a Croatian Visa.

So we decided to travel to Croatia in June, the first order of business was to get our visas. Since we are not citizens of countries with Golden passports we needed to get a Croatian visa. It is not required if you are a US / Canadian citizen or if you have a valid Schengen visa (highly recommend getting one if you can)

Since we do not have a Schengen visa and are not traveling to Schengen country as part of our visit, we decided to get a Croatian visa. The process on the face of it seems pretty simple but there are a lot of things that one needs to take care of.

First off, you need a travel insurance, there are plenty of websites that provide travel insurance. I think you need around $50,000 insurance. We got travel insurance for around 15 days for $60, I think that was pretty ok. Next you need to reserve a hotel (or accommodation ) beware they will call up the hotel and make sure you have a valid reservation. Then go online and fill up a straightforward application form, at the end, take a printout and either mail it or take it to your nearest consulate. You also need to provide a proof of travel e.g. plane tickets. The application fee for me was about $120 (changes)

The folks at the consulate are very helpful, I would suggest calling them up before hand if you got any questions they are super nice. The process is pretty painless, just walk in, give your travel documents and supporting documents and you should be done. For me it took about 2 weeks to get my visa. A word of advice try going to the "Croatia Consulate General" rather then "Croatia Consulate”, Croatia Consulate General is much much faster.

The only weird thing was the validity and the duration of the visa. I had provided proof for 8 days of stay and I got a visa for 8 days and the validity was only one month, what the hell ! I am still a bit mad about it though.

Anyways looking forward to my travel to the “mediterranean as it once was”.

P.S. These are my personal experiences and rants, for detailed requirements checkout