A trekker fan within me ....

Gregorian Calendar Date May 27, 2009 AD.

I was dying to watch the movie Star Trek (2009). Being an ardent

Star Trek fan you can expect that from me. My close friends

would make fun of my anxious behavior and even

call me 'Anxious Spock'. Fascinating, as vulcans do not show

humans emotions like anxiety, I neglected them.

I must say, I was disappointed by the new Star Trek movie.

There were so many things which were not coherent with the

original series and yet people call it the remake of original series,

heck its not ! The movie itself breaks the prime directive of USS

federation, not to interfere with the planet's ecosystem.

It shows the planet Vulcan destroyed ! I hardly remember

any episode of Star Trek in which a planet was destroyed,

the series was supposed to convey a message of peace not terror.

And what's the deal with the new instruments ? what happened to the old communicator,

the tricorder ? I do not see them anymore, all I see it some stupid new gadgets.

The phasors were shown good though. Screenplay sucked big time.

For the love of god not Ahura and Spock ! Spock already was emotionally attached

with one of the nurses under McCoy. Ahura and Scotty had the spark, and now in the new

movie captain Kirk likes Ahura who likes Spock. For the first time I have seen the aura of

Kirk failing on women. Normally women cannot escape that look from Kirk !

I was also let down by Scotty, he is the chief engineer onboard enterprise and responsible

for her smooth sailing. He is the one who gives warp speed using Di-Lithium crystals,

he's the one responsible for the killer photon torpedoes and ships defense shields.

Why was his role in the movie negligible ?. Sulu, one of the helmsmen was given greater

importance. No doubt he is good in sword battle, but he is supposed to drive the ship and

not go out and fight !

I haven't seen the captain send a decent landing party to handle the crisis in this movie.

Normally the landing party consists of Captain Kirk, ship's surgeon McCoy, Chief Scientific

Officer Spock and a random bodyguard ! There were lots and lots of flashbacks, it was like

the story was running in recursion. The good thing was that we got to see Leonard Nimoy,

the original Spock ! I so wish they should have shown William Shatner.

The enemy was Romulan, thats good as we were tired of seeing Klingons attacking with

their 'Bird of Prey' ships (I personally love those ships). Be it as it may,

I am happy at-least they made a movie and rejuvenated Star Trek.

But somewhere along, I think J. J. Abrams forgot the principle that kick started the

original series, the principle of hope, a better life and future to mankind.

Gene Roddenberry had that principle in mind. After he died in 1991 Star Trek died too,

at-least in its principle. There were only wars on earth and the battle to save human civilization.

Enterprise had become a killing machine. Yet they used the same old science to drive the ship,

it still ran on impulse engines, it still used matter and anti matter to give warp speeds.

I so wish the later remakes should be made to give hope to fans not terror !

over and out.

-Live Long and Prosper !