My favorite South Park character, Chef

Hello There, children !

I wanted to write this blog since a while, today I got some spare time to write about my favorite South Park character - Chef.

Chef, his original name was (Chef is no more with us, he was killed in season ten by the producers of South Park) Jerome McElroy.
among children he was popular as Chef. He was voiced by Issac Hayes. 
One thing I like about Chef was that he was the only adult in South Park who made sense and would help children (Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny) not only in adverse situations but also provide them with the most precious guidance !!
Most of the times his advices came from his songs which started normally but always used to lead to sex in one way or the another. He also happened to write a song "Stinky Britches" which was later covered by Alanis Morissette.
One of my favorite part was in the episode called "Cartman gets anal probe", in which Chef tries his best to save children from the Aliens. The main aim of Chef's life is to cook and have sex, plain simple human basic needs !
What most of us don't know is that his family lives in South Park his parents refer to each other as Thomas and Nelly.
I am still pissed on why the producers had to kill Chef. Some say there was some controversy between Hayes and the producers. Now South Park is not as good as before due to many reasons Killing Chef is one of them ! 
He always used to greet by saying "Hello there, children ! " even if there was only one child, these funny habits of his and many more will be missed.
I pray to god that may Chef Rest In Peace !