Adobe AIR


A very important chapter of my life was Rubik ! a desktop application that I created using Adobe AIR and Flex builder. I had lots and lots of good and bad experiences, and it was a fun project. Thanks to RJI and Adobe, I was able to get so much of exposure to Flex and action script.

Something about how I developed RUBIK:
Developing RUBIK was not a simple task, we had lots of brain storming sessions, I worked with Mi Li (Journalism student), You Li (Journalism Student) and Bandhana Katoch (MBA). Now I was the only developer caught among them and they used to throw random ideas at me, we were playing "What if's " for long time and then I came with an Idea of having an application which would rotate like a cube and it struck everyone, now the next big step was to give it a name ! it again took lots of time to think about what would be an appropriate name for the application ! Every-time any one of us used to come up with an idea it used to be disagreed by others, finally Bandhana got the name Rubik by consulting some of her random yankee friend ! and thats how RUBIK was named, like six facets of rubik cube we would have six different application running on each of its face !

So far so good ! but how were we going to achieve it. It was a big question. And being a developer I had to worry about designing and developing the app. Well, I was fired up and I knew I would take RUBIK to end. My team suggested we hire a developer and so we did but he wasn't useful as learning AS3 and FLEX involved a steep learning curve and time was the only luxury we didn't had ! We were given $5000 to spend for the project and we didn't spend much !

So the development for Rubik began somewhere in Nov. and I had 9 credit hours and two jobs, my life was all jumbled up, and to top it all I was to go to India coz else I would have been dead in this alien country (Technically my visa says I am Alien in America... screw you guys ) So I went to India in Dec for 50 days and as we know the internet there sucks big time I could not work on RUBIK, though I tried different things which I am glad worked.

After coming back it was all messed up, I had a week to make the application and DB was not in place and nothing was integrated I was still fiddling with UI. I did the SQL DB in one day and made the app a little bit better, well we delivered RUBIK just in time, so Indian !

I used help from online resources a lot especially google and also documentation provided by Adobe helped. Thanks to the online action script libraries and help I was able to make RUBIK reality !

It wouldnt be good for me to end this without a demo of RUBIK, please click following link to watch Demo (Thanks to blogger, for not allowing me to upload swf files)